Why Kyle Walker Cuts Holes In The Back Of His Socks

Why Kyle Walker Cuts Holes In The Back Of His Socks

Kyle Walker scored a stunning goal to fire Manchester City to a 2-1 victory over Newcastle United but many fans were left wondering why the defender’s socks were full of holes. The England international regularly plays with several holes cut in the back of each sock but it is not a new trend in the Premier League, or in Europe. Gareth Bale, Danny Rose and West Ham’s Arthur Masuaku also cut their socks to shreds for games. And the reason for the strange phenomenon is due to injury prevention. Because players are usually given a new pair of socks for each game, many find them too tight.

So to relieve the pressure around their calf muscle and Achilles tendon, players opt to cut holes in the socks. It’s also believed that the holes in the socks reduce the risk of cramp in the latter stages of matches.

Kyle Walker holes in socks

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