Travel In Style With DTMX Odorless Travel Socks

Travel In Style With DTMX Odorless Travel Socks

So often when people think of travel socks, they think of the compression socks that are meant to keep your feet from becoming fatigued and sore during long flights or extensive periods of travel. Or they think of the socks that are fast drying, making it easy to wash and dry them while staying in hotels or when on the go. But there’s another type of sock that’s especially designed for travel, and that’s the odorless sock.

DTMX odorless socks are specifically designed to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and odor-free during times when you’re traveling a lot. Whether you’re sitting on a bus, a plane, a train, or even just the subway on a long commute, feet can become hot and sweaty cooped up inside of socks and this can lead to excessive odor emanating from the sock and shoe. These socks from DTMX though have many features that will take away that odor and leave your feet dry and odor-free.

Mondrian Odorless Art Socks

The first of these features is the naturally antimicrobial properties of pure silver that the sock has, designed to fight bacteria caused by excessive sweat. That bacteria is one of the biggest culprits in foot odor, and these socks eliminate it. That, combined with the moisture management Siltex fiber, ensure that DTMX odorless travel socks are going to be top rate in keeping your feet dry, and odor-free.

They keep your feet cool and dry on long walks, and make you comfy as you explore the world. Even the best travel shoes are nothing without a great pair of DTMX odorless travel socks.

DTMX odorless travel socks

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