Stella McCartney’s Upcycled, Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Socks

Stella McCartney’s Upcycled, Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Socks

Fans of Sex and the City will recall the scene in Season 5 where Carrie is stuck in a romantic dry spell and laments that “last night, I actually started writing about my sock drawer. Men as socks.” Yikes. Needless to say, that article didn’t go anywhere—but sock drawers might just be having their day. Statement socks (and tights, leggings, and thigh-highs) have been hot ever since Gucci put those $1,340 crystal-studded logo socks on its Resort 2018 runway, but Stella McCartney is giving the trend a little substance. At her last fashion show, each guest received a pair of McCartney’s brand-new sustainable socks —which might not sound revelatory until you learn they were made with 85 percent upcycled yarn; zero chemicals, dyes, or pesticides; and they created zero waste. Who knew a pair of socks could be so mighty?

On her website, McCartney writes: “We’re passionate about working towards a more circular economy, and we want the entire fashion industry to feel the same. We believe no materials should be wasted, instead being turned back into raw material, greatly reducing the need for virgin fibers that use up our planet’s resources.” Consider it a hint of what’s to come in future collections; now that she’s figured out the mechanics of sustainable socks, McCartney can work from the ground up and bring more upcycling, zero-water, and zero-waste innovations into her clothes, handbags, and shoes, too.

Stella McCartney's Upcycled, Zero-Waste Socks

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