Club Socks. Party in style and comfort in DTMX odorless silver clubbing party socks. Best socks for party people and clubbers to stay cool all night. Each pair of our socks has a story behind them, from thread to toe, one you can be proud of each time you wear a pair of DTMX SOCKS.
With the rise of disco in the 1970’s, club culture gained a new momentum. Dance music developed into a genre of its own and the dance floor emerged as a stage for individual and collective performance, with fashion designers such as Halston and Stephen Burrows providing the perfect outfits to perform and shine.
Clubbing (also known as club culture, related to raving) has developed ever more since the early 1990’s. House and Techno were arguably the last great dance music movements to define a generation of clubs and ravers. They reached Berlin in the early 1990’s just after the fall of the wall, when disused and derelict spaces became available for clubs like Tresor (1991); more than a decade later, the notorious Berghain (2004) was established in a former heating plant.
Based on extensive research and our own experience we came up with a new club socks designs featuring the best clubs never before displayed in fashion. DTMX club socks bring together a wide range of designs inspired by epic clubs like Tresor, Omen or Roxy.


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