Mondrian Socks Mania 3-PACK

Mondrian Socks Mania 3-PACK

At DTMX SOCKS we are happy to announce that our unique Mondrian Mania socks line, inspired by Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red, has been fully completed and is available now.

Each pair of our socks has a story behind them, from thread to toe, one you can be proud of each time you wear a pair of DTMX SOCKS.

“Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.” – Piet Mondrian

They say fashion is art, but in the case of Piet Mondrian, it seems that art can be fashion as well. Mondrian’s works of geometric lines complemented by primary colors have almost officially become a brand of their own. From phone cases and housewares to shoes and clothes, you can find his visions being used as inspiration for anything and everything in the world of style (just ask Yves St. Laurent).

It’s time to get squared away with a totally unique Mondrian Mania socks collection, inspired by the Post-Impressionist’s piece “Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red”. Struck by the beauty in the simple geometry and primary colors, we decided to implement his style of art into a socks design.This generative nature of the socks design honors Mondrian’s idea of art for everybody.

Our innovative DTMX SOCKS combine airflow enhancing Siltex technology with the anti-odor properties of pure silver. Perfect for any daily wear occasion: gym, office and club.

Mondrian Mania Midnight Silver Odorless Socks

Mondrian Mania Midnight Silver Odorless Socks

Mondrian Mania Midnight

Mondrian Mania Midnight Silver Odorless Socks

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    February 16, 2018 at 5:14 PM

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