Lincoln man jokingly lists old socks for sale, gets hundreds of responses

Lincoln man jokingly lists old socks for sale, gets hundreds of responses

A Lincoln man got more than he bargained for after jokingly listing his 10 year-old socks for sale on Facebook Thursday night.

Scott Madison posted a photo of his socks (on his feet) with the caption: “Used pair of socks, very well taken care of, always washed on Sunday night and fresh on Monday mornings, always comfortable to wear and helped me run fast when needed. These socks are around 10 years old and probably around 1,000 miles on them.”

Madison listed the socks for $100 or best offer.

He says the whole thing was a joke, intended to get a laugh out of his friends.

“I was at home just watching TV, going through Facebook and I thought, ‘You know, everyone is so serious about life, let’s just put something on there that’s a bit crazy and see what happens,'” he said.

Madison’s post got a lot of foot traffic, with hundreds of people reacting to or commenting on it.

“I had to shut off my phone, because it was getting too crazy this morning,” he said.

“The phone just kept vibrating and I just had to shut it off.”

Some of his favorite responses were people asking whether he would work out a payment plan, whether the socks came cleaned and folded, and whether they got a third sock free.

Despite Madison’s claim that the socks were in fact washed every week, some people still weren’t sold.

One man counter-offered $75, saying the socks looked a little grey around the toes.

Another asked to see a receipt so he knew the socks weren’t stolen.

One woman asked if Madison would do layaway, and another man asked if he could “test drive” them before buying.

Madison says with all the arguing and division he sees on social media, it was well worth it to try and put a smile on peoples faces.

“It was done as a joke,” he said.

“And I think about 90% of the people understood that and it’s been a lot of fun.”

As of Friday night, Madison has not yet sold the socks.

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