DTMX stands for Doctor Tripp & The Moonlight Xpress, who are 2 the most important people behind this project: its creativity and brainstorm.


A time ago, we were looking for a pair of socks that kept our feet fresh and comfortable for a long day, but yet trendy and fashionable. We also wanted socks with an eye catching, timeless look.The socks that are on the market today offer either one or the other and we felt like there had to be something better out there. So one day while searching the internet for those exclusive socks, it dawned on us to create our own socks for healthy, comfortable feet that incorporates fashion, sustainability & innovation. That’s how DTMX socks were born.

Funky Mondrian Silver Socks

At DTMX SOCKS, we believe socks are more than just an accessory. Our mission is to provide exceptional style to the discerning modern gentleman, but never at the expense of quality and service. Good things take time and focus, which is why we only make socks and we make them with passion, skill, and attention to detail.

Bamboo Funky Ribbed Socks

Each pair of our socks has a story behind them, from thread to toe, one you can be proud of each time you wear a pair of DTMX SOCKS.

DTMX SOCKS specialize in unique blends of art, architecture, great music and great time that make our designs a premium choice for dress or casual socks. Whether you’re looking for classic patterns, the latest fashions, crazy designs or unique dress socks to complete your look, know that we’ll always have you covered.

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DTMX SOCKS, the original fashion socks brand, has always stayed true to its vision – fun, unique, designer socks.

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