Five Trends for Men – Autumn and Winter 2023/2024

Five Trends for Men – Autumn and Winter 2023/2024

Maximalism will remain a strong trend within men’s fashion next season, characterised by shades such as shock pink, apricot, and blues like indigo and cobalt. All in combination with soft shades of beige and off-white, rough, timeless textures and refined patterns.

In autumn and winter 2023/24, fashion will seek above all to provide solace and comfort in uncertain times. Central to many trends will be pleasing colours that have a calming effect on us, as well as shades and colours that boost our mood and our sense of optimism. At the same time, fashion will also take a turn towards the experimental and the challenging as we look ahead towards unknown and exciting horizons.  

Here we present five AW23/24 trends for men.

Eye-Catching Contrasts

Maximalism and so-called dopamine dressing have both been central to the latest fashion waves, and the trend towards eye-catching contrasts only builds upon this development. Think colours like shock pink and magenta, as well as blue tones bordering on cobalt, teal and turquoise. Pair these with daring contrast colours like off-white and black, preferably in combination with checked wool materials. According to trend studio Italtex, this trend will be big in outerwear garments such as coats, but also in chunky knits, classic blazers and trousers. Meanwhile, WGSN and Coloro predict that galactic cobalt will be an absolutely central colour. This is an intense and digital colour which draws inspiration from new technologies and the modern space age aesthetic as we witness the dawn of the metaverse. The colour is close to electric blue, projecting that feeling of escapism within an expanded reality. It can feature in many different places, from outerwear to occasionwear and accessories.

Sober Natur

Almost like an antidote to the eye-catching contrast trend, sober nature feels like a welcome breath of fresh air. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Serenely Subdued trend in womenswear – a bit less colourful, but equally comforting. At its heart are light and soft colours in off-white and beige, plus the entire span of the greyscale, edging towards browns, violets and yellows. In order to steer things away from being flat, this trend deploys its monochrome colours in various bold and timeless textures, as well as refined looks and classic patterns of tartan. Knitted jumpers, jackets and coats will be some of the key garments to reflect this trend.

Brilliant Blue

AW23/24 will be awash with blues, and especially indigo blues in particular, if Italtex are to be believed. But also colours such as sea blue – all shades of the sea, in fact. And blue won’t be boring, for it will come in a range of different textures, materials and natural patterns woven in jacquard.

Elemental blue in particular will be a key colour, according to WGSN and Coloro. This sophisticated colour immediately inspires the beholder to take stress with calm, while boosting sensory awareness. This sensitive colour also represents a need for stability and moderation, reflecting our pursuit of the ideal balance between work, internet and the other aspects of our lives. The key garments for this trend will be jumpers and knitted jackets in different textures.

Awesome Apricot

Each year, WGSN names a Pantone colour of the year. Their big colour for 2024 is called apricot crush. This reddish-yellow colour balances lifestyle and nourishes both body and mind at a time when consumers are concerned about making the right choices for themselves and for the planet. It is a soft, sun-bleached and natural colour which pairs perfectly with neutral colours. However, apricot crush is not a pastel colour; rather it is lively, refreshing and energetic, all without tipping over into the garish or the flamboyant. Perfect for a time when we are faced with many different feelings and concerns about the future in such uncertain times. Tops and jumpers that can be styled with jackets in more subdued and neutral colours will be the key items in this trend.


A W23/24 will see the continuation of the black-and-white trend from SS22. It stands in sharp contrast to some of the more colourful and eye-catching trends, with its bold and popping signal colours. Could it be a reflection of our need for simplicity in a chaotic and uncertain age? According to Italtex, black and white have been reinvented this time around. All thanks to big contrasts and patterns of elegant houndstooth – in both micro and macro varieties, large and small checks, and other geometric patterns. In terms of shade, the whites stretch all the way from chalk white and eggshell right through to off-white. This trend will be particularly visible in wool garments and other types of outerwear.

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