Month: September 2018

Men’s Fashion Guide To Spring Summer 2019 Trends

All right, all right, we realise it’s not even the end of 2018 yet, but don’t say we don’t keep you ahead of the curve. Here, to give you the inside track on all the big trends coming your way next summer (and to give you the chance to start saving now), is our ultimate […]


Why Kyle Walker Cuts Holes In The Back Of His Socks

Kyle Walker scored a stunning goal to fire Manchester City to a 2-1 victory over Newcastle United but many fans were left wondering why the defender’s socks were full of holes. The England international regularly plays with several holes cut in the back of each sock but it is not a new trend in the […]


No Black Socks At The Letchworth Golf Club

This is a true story. We begin by saying that because your first thought will probably be This CAN’T possibly be a true story. But it is! A recreational golfer was turned away from playing a course because of his socks, specifically, the color of his socks. A man named David Cole showed up to play Letchworth […]